Green Publications Will Always Matter

It isn’t unusual for society to feel somewhat skeptical about anything in regards to helping nature. Usually, this is because the public has adopted a misguided image that of eco-friendly people are all “vegetarians who wish to make everyone else like them”. While this stereotype is only one of the reasons of why humanity hasn’t transitioned to a more energy-efficient way of living, there are eco-friendly enthusiasts that practice it, while spreading a strong and meaningful message.

The Earthlines Magazine

Professionally produced, Earthlines magazine’s founders don’t like the term “nature writing”. They explain that trying to generalize and label things isn’t going to do any good to anyone. Defining that their magazine is much more than a simple nature catalog, they produce it with the intention of delving deep into the relationship between humans and nature, and the ecocide that results from it.

Numerous artist and writers contribute to the content of the magazine, providing multiple points of view in a variety of subjects. Nature and culture are the main subjects of the magazine, and it’s creators themselves practice what they preach; in fact, the global EarthLines is located in an old stone house laid out next to a river in the hills around Mount Errigal in Ireland.

Global Schools Decide to Go Green

Governments (although slowly) begin to introduce different types of initiatives in schools on a global scale. Recognizing the need for an environmentally-preserving way of life, many schools have adopted the idea to ban plastic water cups and have motivated students to bring their own reusable cups. Among other “green activities” organized by schools, are cleaning trash, planting trees, and participating in walks and marathons to raise awareness.

Recycling Is Huge

Prior to the industrial revolution, humanity wasn’t that concerned with the reusability of resources. Many years later when prices of goods and services started to skyrocket, humanity turned inward to discover the reusability of all types of materials. Today, metals, plastics, and papers are highly sought resources. It is why people have developed numerous technologies which allow the repurpose of a variety of resources.

In some countries, the act of recycling has become so natural and efficient, they actually have to import garbage from other countries! Sweden possesses outstanding recycling plants which work miracles. The statistic shows that Sweden is indeed very nature conscious, as less than 1% of their household’s garbage makes its way to the landfill. This is in an outstanding achievement for an entire country, and many try to follow suit.

Some Statistics

Since the year 1990, recycling of paper has increased by 90%! Any glass container, should it have been recycled will find itself from the bin to the store shelf in 30 days. Americans produce more than 200 million tons of garbage. A single tin can is enough to save energy needed for the powering of a television set for 3 days! A very important factor here, is that 9 out of 10 people agree to recycle more, if it were made much more convenient.

Every Day is Earth Day

While every day needs to be dedicated to Earth, on one particular day many institutions and organizations partake in celebration, and nature benefitting activities such as driving bicycles, using candles, introducing plant life in barren areas, etc. These days, the Earth Day organization fights to end plastic pollution, by organizing groups of people who dedicate their free time to clean entire areas from plastic garbage.

Environmental Science

Going green is not simply a trend. It is also a science, which many people dedicate their lives to. Studying humanity’s impact on nature, allows those professionals to try and figure out a practical way of how nature and humans can co-exist together without destroying each other; because if humanity does not learn how to make things worse, our environment might even become not suitable for living.

We Always Must do More

The publication of different eco-conscious news and information is vital for all of us. For many the world’s society didn’t pay much attention, but now when the chips have fallen on the table, everyone has to do their part. We need to go beyond our own needs for everything to be convenient and exert ourselves just a bit so not only we can change for the better, but also heal nature.

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