Who We are – All About Earthlines

We are a group of highly dedicated individuals who take some of our free time to help spread the word for a better life. Our mission does not rely on funding from any source; we firmly believe that one should practice what they preach, and this is why we don’t hold ties to any governments or other popularized eco-friendly organizations. We believe that the change starts with you, the people – and if we can do it, everyone can do it!

Following Technological Progress for Humanity

We find it very important to follow scientific advancements in the environmental sector. Very often, solutions to globally recognized challenges are very cost-efficient. For example, “solar clothing” allows wearers to convert body heat an and solar power into electrical energy; allowing us to charge our mobile devices while on the go. Other remarkable inventions include a salt water purifier, solar cookers, and even biodegradable plastic created from banana peels. Science can be natural, and people need to know about it!

It’s the Simple Things

Remembering to recycle particular materials in the proper bins, turning off appliances when not using them, and many other minor tips when combined, not only help us improve our daily lives, but save money as well. While the technology for fully utilizing renewable energy isn’t yet introduced on a more commercial level, it is what we do in our homes that will help our environment.

Doing it for a Brighter Future

The currently existing global environmental issues are clearly man-made. While the majority of people do not want to harm nature, this happens due to the fact that they got used to living in a specific way of life. Changing that will take a lot of effort, made in small steps. We understand that the fight for a greener, eco-friendly society is not a sprint but a marathon; and it will take everyone’s dedication to achieve something great.

How We Try to Help Our Community – Helping People Save Up

Providing simple, yet powerful knowledge, our members delve deep into the daily lives of the average person in order to analyze what small changes can have a positive impact. Take this information for example; if you remember to turn off the lights in a room every time you exit it, you would be able to save at least £1 per day from a single lightbulb. Now imagine if your chandelier has 5 lightbulbs – the difference gets bigger, right?

Our Goal

“To promote a more conscious way of life, with high regard and respect for nature” is our creed and moto. We fully realize that any change can’t happen overnight, and this is why our methods of raising awareness aren’t forceful upon others. Why do you need to do something if you don’t understand why you do it? Our philosophy needs to affect those who want to be affected by it; not out of necessity, but out of the desire for a better, real change.

Now, we’re not asking for everyone to suddenly go back and live in huts in the wilderness; our mission is not the complete denial of modern advancements, simply a better management of our resources. One of the major issues of society is the overspending of water, wood, paper, and other plentiful materials that we take for granted. By educating people that they are finite, they will be able to control their spending better.

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