Green Media – Who Covers Nature These Days?

People have gotten used to reading about the deforestation of entire areas, rather than simply lifting their heads up and looking around. It is precisely because of that, the need for a stronger, more influential green media is always in demand. Some nature-oriented programs do cover many aspects of our world’s needs, and today we will take a look at the most prominent media brands that have dedicated themselves to spreading “green awareness”.

All Social Networks

These days, nothing gets a message across to a large number of people faster than social media. Almost everybody has an account, and any serious headline gets the attention it deserves. Although a subject of recent controversy, Facebook does provide significant assistance when it comes to spreading the word of different environmental groups and organizations. While convenient and efficient, sometimes social media posts are often taken with a “grain of salt” in regards to their validity; however, social media still remains as the most convenient and quick medium for raising awareness.

The Challenges

Today, even a single activist at the right place can become a media representative, by activating a “live stream” with the push of a button on their mobile device. Whilst technology has allowed people to spread awareness on nature’s issues in a much faster and efficient way, it still too hard for people to believe what they see. This in turn introduces additional confusion in general society, making it harder for any type of eco-friendly message to get across.

National Geographic is Among the Favorites

Bring out media content in an outstandingly high quality, National Geographic is known by almost anyone. They are a magazine and television program brand dedicated to delivering reports on different aspects of nature, such as wildlife, plant life, geology, marine life, and of course environmental issues. In fact, there is a whole series released by National Geographic called “Climate 101” where they show and outline problems such as pollution, ozone depletion, wildfires, and many others.

National Geographic has their own projects when it comes to promoting a “greener way of life”. For example, they often list useful tips on how to conserve water, deal with harmful products, reuse old items, upcycle, plant trees, and much more. In addition to that, this US based brand is also known to fund a lot of science work that could help preserving endangered natural habitats, as well as benefiting humanity.

Independent Media Channels Also Raise Awareness

Part of the social network family, YouTube gives us the ability to follow many channels that do a lot for nature. A very popular activity on local and international level is called “Tree Planting Day”. Those medial channels often show how local communities organize tree planting events, where entire communities comprised of adults and children participate. In addition to showing how people can help nature, those media channels help to spread the “green message”.

Some would say that independent media channels are more important that the mainstream ones, as they are usually void of any political or corporate affiliations. It is important to mention that when it comes to raising awareness for any sorts of environmental issues, all of the attention should go for the cause itself, not those who have made it possible; this is a concept that is often misinterpreted in mainstream media, which results in putting the sponsors in the spotlight.

The Environmental Protection Agency

While not a mainstream media, the EPA does a lot of good with what they have. In fact, in the past few years they have managed to achieve a quite a few environmental victories for a number of communities. For example, the cleanup of the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, NY; plan to removing toxic sediment from the Passaic River in NJ; held numerous clean-up/recycling workshops in various locations in the US, and much more.

We Need Green Media All the Time

It is important that we have both mainstream and independent media outlets that spread eco-awareness. The need for both sides of the coin is imperative, so people would have a choice; only by having such a choice, they can deduct for themselves how to follow a path that is in harmony with nature. We try to stay educated on everything achieved and presented by green media organizations of any kind, so we ourselves can see what is true.

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