Sport for the Planet – Celebrating Nature Through Sport

One of the most efficient ways to draw more attention to a noble cause, is to hold a large sporting event for it. Throughout the years, many international clubs, governments, and non-profit organizations have put a lot of effort into either introducing a more energy-efficient way into a highly promoted venue or create a series of sporting events. Let’s take a look at some of the work done by many reputable sports organizations, in the name of nature!

The United Bid – The Biggest Green-Friendly FIFA Cup Ever

Comprised of Canada, Mexico, and the USA, the United Bid is an organization that will ensure that the 2026 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament is the most environmentally-friendly in the history of Soccer. Literally the biggest sport on the planet, almost any soccer game is an event that brings the largest crowds ever; and it is perfect for spreading the green-living message. The United Bid organization will focus on making sure that every FIFA match, is carbon neutral, has zero waste, and no loss of biodiversity.

NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles

One of the most notable eco-friendly clubs out there, the Philadelphia Eagles have made a huge step into “going green” by introducing more sustainable energy-efficient solutions for its club. Their “Go Green” initiative resulted in the installation of over 11,000 solar panels and 14 wind turbines, resulting in all the energy they use, to be 100% renewable. But there is much more the Philadelphia Eagles managed to achieve.

In fact, 99% of the waste generated in their stadiums is averted from landfills – which means that it is all recycled. In addition to that, this NFL club has established their own bio-digester which can process up to 147 kgs of pre-digested food waste on a daily basis! Since the Eagle’s major efforts in making their team more sustainable, others from the NFL have started to follow suit into a much eco-friendly era.

West Australia is On Board to Green Living

Supported by the government of West Australia, the Environmental Protection Authority makes sure that all sporting events held in the territory of WA are in proper accordance with their Environmental Sustainability Pack, that includes many event improvements. The released document itself, is printed on an environmentally friendly paper, with carbon neutral methods, and certified fiber.

The United Nations Sports and Environment program has stated that “Whenever a person engages in a sport, there is an impact on the environment”. The Environmental Protection Authority have taken that statement by heart, which has driven them to create their Environmental Sustainability Pack; a special manual that depicts the eco-friendly protocols that need to be followed in order for an event to be considered “green”.

The Way it is Meant to Be

The promotion of green living through healthy activity is probably the strongest, most significant bond between two causes out there. Changing the way society thinks about renewable energy and sustainable way of living is something that needs to be done constantly, as our planet still suffers from pollution and other natural disasters. More and more businesses and sports organizations join the cause for green living, and perhaps someday, thanks to sports, we will live in a much friendlier environment!

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