Charity Events – are Vital to The Green Cause

Benefit concerts, special sports matches, auction, and many other organized events have been held for the sake of raising funds to save nature. In most cases this is done when a significant natural or man-made disaster has caused additional stress on the environment. Because of such events, existing environmental issues are known to become much worse, and only the help and financial support of a large group of people is what can make a difference. In this article, we will take a look at the most successful and beneficial charity events for saving the environment.

Hope for Haiti

In 2010, Haiti suffered an outstandingly tragic event; an earthquake that claimed the lives of thousands of people; but that was just the beginning. For a long time, Haiti already had incredible issues with pollution, and after the earthquake, things took a turn out for the worse, with thousands of tons of trash were released into water canals and the ocean. It is then, that many celebrities got together to help both people and nature.

The plan to organize a televised charity event took exactly 3 days after the disaster. Well-known celebrities such as Beyonce, Anderson Cooper, Wyclef Jean, Rihanna, Morgan Freeman, Reese Witherspoon, and others, participated in a two-hour program that was used to raise over $61 million. Those funds were utilized for both humanitarian and environmental aid.

Hurricane Relief Charity Events

In 2005, hurricane Katrina caused severe pollution in large areas in the area of New Orleans, and the surrounding environment. Tons of industrial garbage, sewage and one of the worst oil spills of history made things very difficult. The effects on both plant and animal life were absolutely devastating, and many charity events were swiftly organized so measures would be taken right away. A concert put together by the NBC, raised $50 million.

The Gulf Oil Spill Fund – a Red Carpet Event

The company British Petroleum received quite the criticism for allowing a disaster of epic proportions to take place in 2010. After the resulting spill of more than 4 million barrels of crude oil was released in the ocean, the marine environment in the area was dealt a devastating blow that is felt to this day. A special event for raising funds for the oil spill was held in a “secret” (at that time) location which was later revealed to be a have been on the rooftop of a famous LA hotel, where A-list celebrities partook in donating funds.

Tsunami Aid: The Concert for Hope

An earthquake in 2004 produced a tsunami that caused a significant environmental catastrophe. Among the claimed lives of over 300,000 people, local flora and fauna were subjected to decimation by the salt water and pollution that resulted from the flood itself. George Clooney planned and organized a concert where Elton John, Sheryl Crow, and many other famous musicians performed for raising funds. The Concert for Hope, earned around $18 million.

An Unusual Charity

In 1989, a woman discovered that human hair and particular animal fur are incredibly efficient when it comes to soaking up crude oil patches. Today, Matter of Trust accepts human hair from various sources around the US and more than 30 other countries. Accepting also cat and dog hair, charity workers stuff them inside pantyhose and creates “booms” which are released in contaminated waters.

The Controversy Behind Charity Events and Organizations

While people decide to share some of their money in order to help nature or the needy, they don’t know that in a lot of cases, the majority of those funds don’t reach the cause in question. There have been many reports, that “reputable” and well-known organizations keep as much as 95% of all donations, while only a meager 5% is put to actual use. There are numerous reasons for why this happens.

If a non-profit organization wishes to plan a charitable event, they usually get in touch with 3rd parties that facilitate the gathering of people. It is exactly these 3rd party companies, that charge outrages fees for their services, leaving a very small amount of the donations to the actual cause. Next time you would like to donate to charity, make sure that you’re properly informed about how the organization of your choice is allocating funds.

Events Are Appreciated

Not only raising funds, charity events also raise awareness in regards to the issue at hand. It is a fact that the only way we can help nature around us, is to rise up as a unified society and work towards a mutual goal. The battle for saving our planet is constant, and cannot stop until new standards for a greener living are established.

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